Reasons to Rent a Business Address

rent business address

Whether you are starting up your own business or relocating your business, there are a number of reasons why you may want to rent a business address. These include privacy, legal reasons, and the need for Mail Delivery. Having a professional address makes your company appear more professional, and helps protect you from legal issues.

Legal reasons to rent a business address

Having a business address is not just for prestige. If you own a home and have kids you probably don’t want to let the neighborhood know your home is an office. Moreover, many apartment complexes and home owners associations have restrictions on how you can run your business. If you’re trying to get your business off the ground, it’s worth checking into a rented business address.

There are plenty of other legal reasons to have a business address. If you are a self-employed professional you need to keep your address on file in order to file your taxes. You may also want to consider the services of a virtual office provider. These companies offer a variety of services, including daily mail service.

Mail Delivery is more professional than a home address or P.O. Box

Using a mailing address may be the right decision for your business. Depending on your location and your industry, a residential address can double as a business mailing address. A mailing address is the best way to get your business mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS).

A PO box, on the other hand, is a much less obvious choice. For starters, a PO box is a much more secure way to receive your mail. The mail is kept in a building under lock and key, so it is less likely to be stolen by a mail thief. Secondly, the mail is only exposed to a light breeze wafting from an air conditioning unit.

Privacy concerns associated with a home address or P.O. Box

Using your home as a business address is a big privacy concern. Some homeowners associations will have restrictions on using your home for business. Some cities have laws that restrict businesses from having offices in urban areas. In many cases, merchant services, banks, and vendors will not accept your residential address as a business address.

Many states are attempting to move toward similar legislation. In California, there is a state law called CalOPPA. This law is applicable to companies that collect personal information from California residents. It also requires companies to post their Privacy Policy on their website and explain how users can request to be updated or have their information deleted.

Hoxton Mix packages offer everything from full virtual mailbox services to digital document scanning and forwarding

Whether you’re looking to set up a virtual office address for your company, or you’re just looking for a more affordable way to keep your business’s mail in order, Hoxton Mix packages offer a variety of options. These packages include everything from full virtual mailbox services to digital document scanning and forwarding. The company also provides call answering services and co-working spaces. You can choose from a variety of packages, and there are no hidden costs.

One of the most popular options available from Hoxton Mix is the virtual mailbox system. This service includes a premium virtual registered office address, and allows you to set up a mailbox that you can use for official Companies House purposes.